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Software Removal

The following section describes the steps to remove the EcoBIM add-ins from your computer.


Removing the software removes all of the installed add-ins that are installed on your workstation as well as all the activation information. If you wish to reinstall the add-ins, you need a valid license file, without which you will not be able to reinstall the add-ins. A future version will allow custom software removal.


This section lists all the prerequisites for removing the EcoBIM add-ins.

  • You must be connected to the Internet while removing the software in order to free up an activation seat from the activation server. A future version will support offline removal.
  • You must ensure that Revit is not running while removing the add-ins. If Revit is running, save your work and quit the software.

Software Removal Steps

Navigate to the Windows system settings panel to remove the EcoBIM add-ins. From the Windows control panel, navigate to Apps & Features; select EcoBIM Add-Ins X.X.X and click Uninstall to remove the add-ins.

Apps & Features Panel

Click Yes to confirm software removal:

Software Removal Confirmation

The installer removes all installed files.

EcoBIM Add-Ins Removal

If you wish to reinstall the add-ins, see the installation section.