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Getting Started

Welcome to the official documentation for the EcoBIM add-ins. Use the menu on the left side to browse the documentation for each product. If you wish to leave us any feedback, feel free to contact our support team.


All our guides follow a similar structure:

  • Setup
  • Uninstall
  • Basic features, common to all EcoBIM add-ins
  • Product documentation

Documentation Conventions

The documentation has the following convention:


These notes are informative and help to clarify certain concepts or bring certain nuances. They can also give tips or suggestions.


This warning is displayed when the concept discussed or the examples shown can have important consequences on your Revit model.


This warning requires your attention; some of the concepts discussed or examples can have important consequences on your Revit model. Please make sure you have a backup copy before making any changes.


This warning is displayed when we have identified a bug or an issue preventing the add-in from working properly.

  • Code display uses a fixed-spaced font.
  • We use italics when the section introduces a new concept.

Besides, blocks of code also use fixed spacing. Highlight the block and click the icon in the upper right corner to copy the code to your clipboard.

'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.828;   0:< logging finished virtualization services
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.828;   0:< logging finished worker services
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.829;   0:< logging erased queues
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.829;   0:< Log Summary
' 0:< .Count
' 0:< ...WorkerRequestHandledDeferredSecondary = 1
' 0:< ...WorkerRequestHandledImmediate = 1
' 0:< BC: 0,0,0
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.830;   0:< ->UI-less ExitManagedInstance
' 0:< Forcibly removing all update triggers for all Updaters
' 0:< Unregistering all external services.
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.855;   0:< <-UI-less ExitManagedInstance
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.855;   0:< ->UI-less ExitNativeInstance
' 0:< ::16:: Delta VM: Avail +32 -> 134212248 MB, Used -17 -> 160 MB; RAM: Avail -1 -> 7875 MB, Used -2 -> 259 MB, Peak +0 -> 262 MB
' 0:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 9989, Used 11, User: Used 13
' 0:< Journal Exit
' 0:< BC: 0,0,0
'C 07-Jan-2021 19:41:16.877;   0:< finished recording journal file

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to navigate the documentation:

Key Description
P Goes to the previous page
N Goes to the next page
S Displays the search panel